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Implementing BEE is a socio-economic imperative to re-dress imbalances of the past. It is as much the public, private and state owned sectors’ responsibility, as it is the government’s duty to transform. Promoting BEE is an important element of being a responsible corporate citizen of Namibia. MTC is BEE sensitive as it is an issue of national interest, ensuring our survival in the future.

BEE promotes fairness, equity and economic justice. BEE facilitates that the previously excluded majority have a stake in Namibia's economy, which they will protect and promote. Through this, a solid foundation is created for sustainable economic activity and development. Transforming to BEE is seen as a business decision for the future. BEE is important as moral and economic motivators for empowerment and will result in a stable Namibia, both from economical and political viewpoint. MTC shall be cautious and pay special heed to individual enrichment and aim to focus on true broad based empowerment, which will add real value.