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BlackBerry - Pre-paid


What is this?

BlackBerry® smartphones are a leading wireless solution that keeps mobile professionals connected to their customers, friends, colleagues, relatives and the information that drives their day.

How it works

MTC customers have the option of either selecting a 7 day (weekly) subscription, or a 30 day (monthly) subscription. Dial *682# to subscribe or unsubscribe.

  BlackBerry® Complete Plan BlackBerry® Absolute Plan
Activation Fee (30 days) N$63.00 N$106.00
Activation Fee (7 days) N$21.00 N$42.00
BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) yes yes
BlackBerry® E-mail (BBMail™) yes yes
On-device Browser yes yes
BlackBerry® AppWorld™ yes yes
Social Networking yes yes
Instant Messaging yes yes
Web-based E-mail Account 1 E-mail Address 10 E-mail Address
BlackBerry® Protect no yes
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express no yes


More Info

Research In Motion® (RIM®)

Research In Motion® (RIM®) develops integrated hardware, software and services that support multiple wireless networks. RIM® is best known for creating the BlackBerry® smartphone and providing solutions that allow seamless, mobile access to time-sensitive information through email, phone, text messages, the Internet and applications. The RIM portfolio of award-winning products is used by thousands of organizations around the world.

BlackBerry® Handsets

BlackBerry® smartphones provide you with the power to connect to everything that matters in your professional and personal lives. Whatever your needs, there's a BlackBerry® smartphone to suit your lifestyle.

The Features You Need

For your mobile life, BlackBerry® smartphones have all the features you need:

  • While you're on the go, keep in touch with email, instant messaging and advanced phone functionality
  • Go beyond communications with features like a built-in camera, multi-media and social networking capabilities
  • Stay on top of your life wherever it takes you with the Internet, GPS, BlackBerry® Maps and more
  • BlackBerry® smartphones are designed with an easy-to-use QWERTY style keyboard or SureType® technology.
  • Along with the intuitive trackball on many models, that means typing and navigating couldn't be easier.

Download the latest Handset Software

BlackBerry® Desktop Software

BlackBerry® Desktop Software, which is included with each BlackBerry® smartphone, is an integrated suite of applications that manages the link between your BlackBerry® smartphone and your e-mail account, organizer and more. BlackBerry® Desktop Software runs on your desktop PC and allows you to:

BlackBerry® Internet Services

Several Knowledge Base Articles are available to help you manage your BlackBerry® Internet Bundle account, as well as the BlackBerry® Internet Bundle web site. These articles cover a number of topics, including the ones listed below.

Getting started

  • MTC BlackBerry® Internet Services Support
  • Find out which version of BlackBerry® Internet Bundle you are using
  • Setting up your BlackBerry® Internet Bundle Account Applies to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle v1.8 to v2.0
  • Log in to the BlackBerry® Internet Bundle web site Applies to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle v1.8 to v2.0
  • Changing the sent from address Applies to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle v1.8 to v2.0
  • Importing your Outlook® address book into your BlackBerry® Internet Bundle address book Applies to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle v1.8

Deleting messages and managing your mailbox

All of the following articles apply to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle v1.8:

Integrating your existing e-mail accounts with your BlackBerry® account

  • Integrate other e-mail accounts with your BlackBerry® account Applies to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle v1.8 to v2.0
  • Integrate a Yahoo® Mail Plus account with your BlackBerry® account Applies to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle v1.8
  • Integrate an iNotes account with your BlackBerry® account Applies to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle v1.8 to v2.0
  • Integrate an Outlook Web Access account with your BlackBerry® account Applies to BlackBerry® Internet Bundle v1.8 to v2.0


BlackBerry® Enterprise Server

Designed to meet the needs of enterprise and government organisations, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is designed for organisations that have an on-premise e-mail server and require a high level of IT control.

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server can be run in environments alongside BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express for organisations that only have a sub-set of users that require advanced IT management.

Productivity features:

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server provides end users with wireless access to business applications and advanced smartphone functionality.

Security features:

Enjoy peace of mind with controls and advanced security offered by BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. read more

Management and support features:

Get advanced tools and capabilities to help you efficiently manage your wireless infrastructure. read more

App creation and management tools:

Reduce the time and resources needed to develop, deploy and manage wireless applications for your business. read more

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express:

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express wirelessly synchronises Microsoft® Exchange or IBM® Lotus® Domino® with BlackBerry® smartphones. It provides advanced BlackBerry® smartphone business features with no software license fees or additional per user license fees, and works with most personal BlackBerry® data plans or BlackBerry® enterprise data plans.
Key features:

  • Advanced e-mail
  • Wireless synchronization
  • Up-to-date calendar
  • Integrated contacts
  • Remote file and intranet access
  • Can be installed on an existing mail server
  • Proven security

For detailed features visit the BlackBerry® website.

BlackBerry® 10

BlackBerry 10 is a robust and reliable platform that is smooth and responsive. It has a modern design and a gesture-based interface that is highly discoverable. It is designed to support, learn, and adapt to the way you work and share with features.

For detailed information and features go here.