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Sponsorships & Events


Sponsorship and Social Investment Policy

This document elaborates on MTC’s policy with regard to Sponsorships and Social Investment's . Donation and sponsorship decisions require a strategic approach, since they play a major role in establishing and reinforcing our reputation and image. These guidelines cover broad criteria against which all new donation, sponsorship and social investments shall be considered.

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List of Shows / Trade Fairs for 2013

Trade Fair City / Location Date
Meatco National Braai Competition Stampriet 12 & 13 April 2013
Okahandja Tourism & Trade Expo Okahandja 09 - 12 May 2013
Fisheries Expo & Festival Walvis Bay
Arandis Mining Conference & Expo Arandis 25 - 27 April 2013
Otavi Trade Expo Otavi 24 - 27 April 2013
Namibia Careers Expo 2013 Windhoek Country Club 28 - 30 May 2013
Namibia Tourism Expo Windhoek 29 May - 01 June 2013
Luderitz Crayfish Festival Luderitz 30 May - 01 June 2013
Ariamsvlei Winter Festival Ariamsvlei 28 & 29 June 2013
Eenhana Trade Fair & Business Expo Eenhana 28 July - 03 August 2013
Caprivi Show Katima Mulilo 07 - 10 August 2013
Stampriet Show Stampriet
Aminuis Farmers Association Aminuis
Henties Bay Fish Festival Henties Bay 23 & 24 August 2013
Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair Ongwediva 23 - 31 August 2013
Keetmanshoop Show Keetmanshoop 04 - 07 September 2013
Okakarara Show Okakarara 04 - 07 September 2013
Omaheke Trade Fair Gobabis 23 - 27 September 2013
Gobabis Show Gobabis 23 - 25 September 2013
Grootfontein Show Grootfontein
Rehoboth Show Rehoboth 19-21 September 2013
Otjiwarongo Show Otjiwarongo  
Windhoek Show Windhoek  27 Sept. - 05 Oct. 2013
Helao Nafidi Trade Fair Helao Nafidi
Erongo Trade Expo Walvis Bay 30 October - 02 November 2013
Tsumeb Copper Festival Tsumeb
Kavango Trade Fair Rundu 06 - 09 Novemer 2013

Dr Sam Nujoma Half Marathon

At the launch of the second Dr Sam Nujoma Half marathon held on 19 July 2012, MTC's Tim Ekandjo had the following remarks:

Sports sponsorship to start with is a risky undertaking, not only in Namibia but everywhere in the world because return on sponsorship investment is sometimes hard to measure. Today investors are quick to ask the question,

"How much will I gain in return for my investment?"

In sports unfortunately, that question is sometimes difficult to answer and that is why very few corporates embark on sponsoring sports. If it was merely for return on investment, MTC would never have gotten involved in sponsoring sports and sports activities in Namibia in the first place.

We have long graduated from the approach that looks specifically for the monetary returns for such investments, and have always taken a view that sports is an industry just like any other industry, that if well managed contributes nationally to the development of any country, and Namibia is no different.

Today, exactly 17 years of our existence, we are proud to have deliberately and consciously gotten involved in sports that have transformed the face of local sports.

We are still not winning sufficient medals at the big international events but we are proud and shameful of the achievements and failures thus far. MTC’s sports sponsorship has been the sole reason why many sports codes were able to continue with their operations.

We have long figured out that our continued investment in sports have and will contribute to sustenance of sports programs, indirect employment and reduction of juvenile delinquency rates, the investment in sports is therefore a justifiable "expense".

We deplore corporate citizenry who takes no pride in elevating and playing their part in sport development. This will and remain a song that we will not tire singing that corporate citizenship must open up their wallets and be generous enough to sponsor sports development.

When we all loose and fare dismally at international sporting events as a result of poor preparation and planning is not because our athletes are not well prepared or they are not of world class standards, but simply that we are not doing enough as a collective to develop sport in the country.

So we are all to blame – and that blame resonates with us for a long time, that is why MTC has always preached that more corporate citizenry should open up their wallets and supports sports in Namibia. We disapprove of entities that take without giving back to the communities – there should be no excuse for not investing in sport development. 

It is indeed a journey that we have enjoyed every step of the way. A journey that when we look back we are very proud of the achievements and the transformation we have brought about, uplifting Namibians to participate domestically and internationally because the means are available, although not in abundance.

The creation of a relationship between sports and a corporate brand should be beneficial to the country and not only the corporate alone. This is why we at MTC always do not hesitate to avail our limited funds to sports codes with a reputable image – because we believe in developing sports in this country and we dare other corporates to join us and put sports funding development at the centre of their operations.

Against that background that we went out of our way to support the Sam Nujoma Marathon, for a second consecutive season, we are of the sound belief that this event will become one of the leading and the premier event in Namibian road running circles and needs our support wholeheartedly.

To this end let me congratulate the organizers of this event – and we accept as true that the marathon will be a resounding success. Equally so let me direct my well wishes and best of luck to all the athletes that will participate at the event on the 29 July 2012."

Click here to read the full media release for this event (PDF)

MTC - Best Corporate Responsible Company of the Year 2011

MTC was awarded the Best Corporate Responsible Company of the Year for 2011. The Award was given in lieu of MTC's sponsorships of the following:

  • Bursaries - N$500,000.00
  • Namibia Premier League - N$10.6 million
  • MVA Fund's Xupifa Emwenyo Road Safety Campaign - N$50,000.00
  • Namibia Rugby Union - N$2.25 million
  • Namibia Professional Golf Championship - N$1.8 million
  • Environment & Wildlife Protection
  • ARV Electronic Operating System
  • Trade shows, fairs and expos - N$150,000.00
  • 2011 Namibia Sports Awards - N$350,000.00
  • Subsidised laptop and data packages for tertiary students and journalists
  • Malaria Prevention Campaign
  • Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair - N$350,000.00
  • Namibia Annual Music Awards - N$4.5 million
  • Cricket Namibia - N$2.5 million

2011 Rugby World Cup

Give the ball some air!

As official Sponsor of the National Rugby Team, we'd like to wish the Welwit'schias all the best as they take on the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. Play for your country with pride and passion because we support you all the way!

2011 Sports Awards

It all starts at home!

  • WHEN: 18:30 for 19:00, Friday, 04
  • November 2011
  • WHERE: Safari Hotel and Conference Centre
  • ENTRANCE: N$300.00
  • TICKETS: Available at NSC
In addition to the coveted title, Sports Awards Prizes include:
Sportsman N$10 000.00
Sportswoman N$10 000.00
Junior Sportsman N$5 000.00
Junior Sportswoman N$5 000.00
Disabled Sportsman N$10 000.00
Disabled Sportswoman N$10 000.00

1. Jacques Burger Rugby
2. Abraham Louw Triathlon
3. Paulus Moses Boxing
4. Jafet Uutoni Boxing
5. Gielie van Wyk Clay Target Shooting
6. Craig Williams Cricket

1. Gaby Ahrens Clay Target Shooting
2. Nicole Bierbach Rhythmic Gymnastics
3. Tjipekapora Herunga Athletics
4. Helalia Johannes Athletics
5. Beata Naigambo Athletics
6. Bonita Bredenhann Golf

1. Christine Briedenhann Swimming
2. Charlene Engelbrecht Athletics
3. Alize Krenz Endurance Ride
4. Seleen Visser Karate
5. Suné Alet Wittmann Athletics

1. Morihei Anderson Gymnastics
2. Gerhard Erasmus Cricket
3. Otwin Foerster Ice and Inline Hockey
4. Gerhardt Lotter Rugby/Cricket
5. Roux Jeffrey Golf

1. Johanna Benson Athletics
2. Popyeni Louise Sagaria Athletics
3. Lihanda van der Smit Boccia

1. Martin Aloisius Athletics
2. Reginald Benade Athletics
3. Aderito De Almedia Athletics
4. Ananias Shikongo Athletics
5. Ruben Soroseb Powerlifting

1. Samuel Afrikaner Endurance Ride
2. Michaela Cloete Swimming
3. Martin Haikali Boxing
4. Immanuel Naindjala Boxing
5. Zenatha Coleman Football

1. Tomas Edward Volleyball
2. Jacobus Husselmann Rugby
3. Bethold Karumendu Athletics
4. Daniel Stephanus Koen Rugby
5. David Shaanika Football

1. Michiel Adriaan Basson Namibia Professional Golf
2. Heiko Kesselmann Volleyball
3. Marsia Reed Cricket
4. Dietland Sidentopf Swimming
5. Valeries Geldenhuys Venter Gymnastics

1. Hasso Ahrens Shooting
2. Lynn Du Preez Badminton
3. Letu Hamuhola Athletics
4. Angelika Lepekha Rhythmic Gymnastics
5. Johan Rudolf Cricket Junior/Senior