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Phones Overview

Cash Price (includes VAT) Excess / Upfront Payment
(includes 15% VAT)
Phone Cash Select (S) Select (M) Select (L) Select (XL)
AG Glow N$829 Free Free Free Free
AG Hashtag N$2999 N$1466.25 N$948.75 Free Free
Apple iPad Air 2 128GB N$14099 N$10244.20 N$9726.70 N$8174.20 N$5069.20
Apple iPad Air 2 64GB N$14599 N$10591.50 N$10074 N$8521.50 N$5416.50
Apple iPhone 6s 16GB N$12699 N$11720.80 N$11203.30 N$9650.80 N$5750
Apple iPhone 6s 64GB N$14999 N$14310.60 N$13793.10 N$12240.60 N$8050
Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB N$15799 N$14708.50 N$14191 N$12638.50 N$9533.50
Apple iPhone 6s Plus 64GB N$16999 N$16160.95 N$15643.45 N$14090.95 N$9832.50
Apple iPhone 7 128GB N$15699 N$13849.45 N$13331.95 N$11779.45 N$8674.45
Apple iPhone 7 32GB N$13599 N$11862.25 N$11344.75 N$9792.25 N$6687.25
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB N$18199 N$16234.55 N$15717.05 N$14164.55 N$11059.55
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB N$16099 N$14247.35 N$13729.85 N$12177.35 N$9072.35
Apple iPhone SE 16GB N$8999 N$7111.60 N$6594.10 N$5041.60 N$1936.44
Hi-Sense U961 N$1639 N$269.10 Free Free Free
Hi-Sense U972 N$1809 N$420.90 Free Free Free
Hi-Sense U989 N$1899 N$690 N$172.50 Free Free
Huawei GR5 Mini N$4099 N$2248.25 N$1730.75 N$178.25 Free
Huawei Mate 8 N$10999 N$9292 N$8774.50 N$7222 N$4117
Huawei Mate 9 N$11199 N$7871.75 N$7354.25 N$5801.75 N$2696.75
Huawei Nova Plus N$5999 N$3800.75 N$3283.25 N$1730.75 Free
Huawei P8 N$7999 N$6379.05 N$5861.55 N$4309.05 N$1203.95
Huawei P9 N$9639 N$6716 N$6198.50 N$4646 N$2009.05
Huawei P9 lite N$5499 N$3340.75 N$2823.25 N$1270.75 Free
Huawei Y3 N$999 Free Free Free Free
Huawei Y3II N$1539 N$193.09 Free Free Free
Huawei Y5II N$2179 N$709.55 N$120.75 Free Free
Huawei Y6 PRO DS LTE N$2559 N$1023.50 N$568.48 Free Free
Mint F1 CR N$189 Free Free Free Free
Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 N$4999 N$3573.05 N$3055.55 N$1503 Free
Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 N$7399 N$5875.35 N$5357.85 N$3805.35 N$700.12
Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 N$8599 N$7021.90 N$6504.40 N$4951.90 N$1846.50
Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 - J120 N$2719 N$1155.75 N$638.25 Free Free
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace J111F N$2399 N$885.50 N$326.37 Free Free
Samsung Galaxy J1 mini J105 N$1879 N$464.60 Free Free Free
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) N$3649 N$1897.50 N$1380 Free Free
Samsung Galaxy J7 N$5399 N$3261.40 N$2743.90 N$1222.45 Free
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB N$15899 N$11920.90 N$11403.40 N$9850.90 N$4600
Samsung Galaxy S7 G930 32GB N$13999 N$11500 N$10982.50 N$9430 N$6325
Samsung Galaxy S7 Egde G935 32GB N$15999 N$11725.40 N$11207.90 N$9655.40 N$7358.59
Samsung Galaxy TAB S2 9.7 INCH N$11499 N$8167.30 N$7649.80 N$6097.30 N$2992.30
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 N$3999 N$2190.75 N$1673.25 N$119.60 Free
Samsung Grand Prime+ N$2839.00 N$1224.75 N$741.75 Free Free
Samsung J5 Prime N$4799 N$2792.20 N$2274.70 N$805 Free
Samsung J7 Prime N$5999 N$3806.50 N$3289 N$1736.50 Free
Samsung P555 Galaxy Tab A 9.7 N$7099 N$4612.65 N$4095.15 N$2542.65 N$2992.30
Samsung T116 TAB LITE N$2639 N$1067.20 N$557.75 Free Free
Sony Xperia Z5 N$11599 N$8880.30 N$8362.80 N$6810.30 N$3705.29
STK Storm E2 Pluz N$659 Free Free Free Free
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 16GB N$4099 N$2239.05 N$1721.55 N$169.05 Free
Xiaomi Xiaomi Redmi 3i 16gb (A12B) N$2939 N$1305.25 N$787.75 Free Free
ZTE Blade A601 N$1799 N$565.80 N$48.50 Free Free