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Phones Overview

Cash Price (includes VAT) Excess / Upfront Payment
(includes 15% VAT)
Phone Cash Select (S) Select (M) Select (L) Select (XL)
Apple iPad 5th Generation 128GB N$10899 N$7797 N$7279.50 N$5727 N$2622.56
Apple iPhone 8 256GB N$16499 N$15022.45 N$14504.95 N$12952.45 N$9847.45
Apple iPhone 8 64GB N$13499 N$11665.60 N$11148.10 N$9595.60 N$7019.60
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB N$18499 N$16017.20 N$15499.70 N$13947.20 N$10842.20
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB N$15499 N$13839.10 N$13321.60 N$11769.10 N$8911.35
Apple iPhone X 256GB N$21999 N$20196.30 N$19678.80 N$18126.30 N$15520.40
Apple iPhone X 64GB N$18999 N$17868.70 N$17351.20 N$15798.70 N$12963.70
Cubot Cheetah 2 N$3199 N$2075.75 N$1558.25 Free Free
Cubot R9 N$1699 N$575 N$57.55 Free Free
Hi-Sense C30 Lite IP67 N$2599 N$1265 N$747.50 Free Free
Huawei GR3 2017 N$2799 N$1721.55 N$1204.05 Free Free
Huawei GR5 2017 N$3599 N$2482.85 N$1965.35 N$412.63 Free
Huawei Mate 10 N$9899 N$6878.15 N$6360.65 N$4808.15 N$1730.96
Huawei Mate 10 Lite Neo N$5399 N$3262.55 N$2745.05 N$1192.55 Free
Huawei MEDIAPAD T3 N$3159 N$1631.85 N$1114.35 Free Free
Huawei P smart N$3679 N$1898.65 N$1381.15 Free Free
Huawei P10 N$7999 N$6391.70 N$5874.20 N$4321.70 N$1072.32
Huawei P10 Lite N$4799 N$2787.60 N$2270.10 N$717.84 Free
Huawei P8 N$6599 N$6379.05 N$5861.55 N$4309.05 N$1204.05
Huawei Y3 (2017) N$1539 N$241.95 Free Free Free
Mint Emerald N$1269 Free Free Free Free
Mint F1 CR N$179 Free Free Free Free
Mint Pearl Plus N$1039 Free Free Free Free
Mobicel Trendi Plus N$999 Free Free Free Free
Nokia 3 N$2329 N$824.55 N$320 Free Free
Nokia 5 N$3309 N$1601.95 N$1084.45 Free Free
Nokia 8 N$9999 N$6974.75 N$6457.25 N$4904.75 N$1799.75
Samsung A3 2017 N$6499 N$4164.15 N$3646.65 N$2094.15 Free
Samsung A5 2017 N$7899 N$5446.40 N$4928.90 N$3376.40 N$222.06
Samsung A7 2017 N$9419 N$6561.90 N$6044.40 N$4491.90 N$1386.62
Samsung Galaxy A8 N$10289 N$7245 N$6727.50 N$5175 N$2070
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace J111F N$1949 N$695.75 N$178.25 Free Free
Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime N$1799 N$505.49 Free Free Free
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) N$2899 N$1365.05 N$847.55 Free Free
Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo N$4479 N$2535.75 N$2018.25 N$465.75 Free
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N$17999 N$15644.60 N$15127.10 N$13574.60 N$10469.60
Samsung Galaxy S8 N$13729 N$12517.75 N$12000.25 N$10447.75 N$7473.85
Samsung Galaxy S8(+) N$14999 N$13882.80 N$13365.30 N$11812.80 N$8707.35
Samsung Galaxy S9 N$14099 N$12190 N$11672.50 N$10120 N$7015
Samsung Galaxy S9+ N$16599 N$14605 N$14087.50 N$12535 N$9430
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 P585 N$7109 N$4667.85 N$4150.35 N$2597.85 Free
Samsung Grand Prime+ N$2599 N$1155.75 N$637.38 Free Free
Samsung J5 Prime N$4499 N$2547.25 N$2029.75 N$548.42 Free
Samsung J7 Prime N$5299 N$3333.85 N$2816.35 N$1263.85 Free
Samsung T116 TAB LITE N$2529 N$982.10 N$564.52 Free Free
VK Cosmo 5.5 N$1199 N$40.71 Free Free Free
VK Wave 5 Smart N$779 Free Free Free Free