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Phones Overview

Cash Price (includes VAT) Excess / Upfront Payment
(includes 15% VAT)
Phone Cash Select (S) Select (M) Select (L) Select (XL)
Apple Ipad 6th Generation 128GB N$11019 N$8488.15 N$7970.65 N$6418.15 N$2139
Apple iPhone 8 256GB N$16499 N$15022.45 N$14504.95 N$12952.45 N$9847.45
Apple iPhone 8 64GB N$14599 N$11319.45 N$10801.95 N$9249.45 N$6144.45
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB N$19999 N$17033.80 N$16516.30 N$14963.80 N$11858.80
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB N$15499 N$11319.45 N$10801.95 N$9249.45 N$7094.35
Apple iPhone X 256GB N$21999 N$20451.60 N$19934.10 N$18381.60 N$15276.92
BLU Tank Xtreme 5.0 N$2119 N$670.45 N$153.25 Free Free
Cubot R9 N$1699 N$575 Free Free Free
Hi-Sense C30 Lite IP67 N$2399 N$47.15 Free Free Free
Huawei Mate 10 N$8599 N$6119.15 N$5601.65 N$4049.15 N$944.40
Huawei Mate 10 Lite Neo N$4999 N$3199.30 N$2681.80 N$1129.79 Free
Huawei MEDIAPAD T3 N$3299 N$1589.30 N$1071.80 Free Free
Huawei P Smart N$4059 N$2226.40 N$1708.90 N$82.39 Free
Huawei P10 N$7299 N$6153.65 N$5636.15 N$4083.65 Free
Huawei P20 N$11799 N$8878 N$8360.50 N$6808 N$3333.38
Huawei P20 Lite N$5999 N$3793.85 N$3276.35 N$1495.18 Free
Huawei P20 Pro N$13799 N$10829.55 N$10312.05 N$8759.55 N$5682.67
Huawei Y3 2018 N$1479 N$154.10 Free Free Free
Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 N$2249 N$753.25 N$235.75 Free Free
Huawei Y6 2018 N$2599 N$1033.85 N$516.33 Free Free
Huawei Y7 2018 N$3109 N$1574.35 N$1056.85 Free Free
Itel A32F N$1279 Free Free Free Free
Itel IT2150 N$199 Free Free Free Free
Itel P32 N$1599 N$293.25 Free Free Free
Mint Emerald N$1029 Free Free Free Free
Mobicel R6 N$1399 N$132.25 Free Free Free
Mobicel Trendi Plus N$999 Free Free Free Free
Nokia 1 N$1309 N$115 Free Free Free
Nokia 3.1 N$2549 N$1012 N$494.50 Free Free
Nokia 5 N$2999 N$1568.60 N$1051.10 Free Free
Nokia 6.1 N$4629 N$2645 N$2127.50 N$609.22 Free
Nokia 7 Plus N$7309 N$4833.45 N$4315.95 N$2763.45 Free
Nokia 8 N$8999 N$6693 N$6175.50 N$4623 N$1518.24
Samsung A5 2017 N$6999 N$3484.50 N$2967 N$1414.50 Free
Samsung A6 + N$7799 N$5525.75 N$5008.25 N$3455.75 Free
Samsung A7 2017 N$7999 N$4290.65 N$3773.15 N$2220.65 Free
Samsung Galaxy A8 N$8859 N$6388.25 N$5870.75 N$4318.25 N$925.75
Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime N$1699 N$350.75 Free Free Free
Samsung Galaxy J4 N$3729 N$1955 N$1437.50 Free Free
Samsung Galaxy J6 N$5019 N$2990 N$2472.50 N$920 Free
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N$16999 N$10707.65 N$10190.15 N$8637.65 N$5532.65
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N$20999 N$15979.25 N$15461.75 N$13909.25 N$10804.25
Samsung Galaxy S8 N$13729 N$8941.25 N$8423.75 N$6871.25 N$3766.25
Samsung Galaxy S8(+) N$14999 N$13809.20 N$13291.70 N$11739.20 N$8634.20
Samsung Galaxy S9 N$14099 N$13403.25 N$12885.75 N$11333.25 N$6675.89
Samsung Galaxy S9+ N$16599 N$14605 N$14087.50 N$12535 N$9430
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 P585 N$6599 N$4225.10 N$3707.60 N$2155.10 Free
Samsung Grand Prime Pro N$2659 N$833.75 N$563.60 Free Free
Samsung Grand Prime+ N$2499 N$786.60 N$478.65 Free Free
Samsung J5 Prime N$4199 N$2305.75 N$1788.25 N$235.82 Free
Samsung J7 Duo N$5769 N$3570.75 N$3053.25 N$1500.75 Free
Samsung T116 TAB LITE N$2429 N$895.85 N$378.81 Free Free
VK Wave 5 Smart N$659 Free Free Free Free