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Phones Overview

Cash Price (includes VAT)
Phone Cash
Apple Ipad 6th Generation 128GB N$11499
Apple iPhone 6S 32GB N$5999
Apple iPhone 8 64GB N$11499
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB N$19299
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB N$12999
Apple iPhone XR 128GB N$15499
Apple iPhone XR 64GB N$13999
Apple iPhone XS 256GB N$24499
Apple iPhone XS 64GB N$21499
Apple iPhone XS MAX 256GB N$26999
Apple iPhone XS MAX 64GB N$23999
Cubot J3 N$1099
Cubot Magic N$1999
Huawei Mate 20 N$10699
Huawei Mate 20 Pro N$14299
Huawei MEDIAPAD T3 N$3229
Huawei P Smart 2019 N$3999
Huawei P20 N$9999
Huawei P30 128GB N$10599
Huawei P30 Lite 128GB N$6199
Huawei P30 Pro 256GB N$15599
Huawei Y3 2018 N$1269
Huawei Y5 Lite N$1699
Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 N$1999
Huawei Y6 2018 N$2407.83
Huawei Y6 2019 N$2639
Huawei Y7 2019 N$3099
Huawei Y9 2019 N$3799
Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 N$4599
Itel A32F N$1299
Itel IT2150 N$199
Itel P32 N$1699
Mint Emerald N$1029
Mobicel Ego N$599
Nokia 1 N$1199
Nokia 2.1 N$1699
Nokia 3.1 N$2499
Nokia 5.1 N$2999
Nokia 6.1 N$4399
Nokia 8 N$5999
Samsung A6 + N$6199
Samsung A750 N$7999
Samsung Galaxy A10 N$2899
Samsung Galaxy A2 Core N$1399
Samsung Galaxy A20 N$3599
Samsung Galaxy A30 N$4899
Samsung Galaxy A50 N$6999
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core N$1799
Samsung Galaxy J4 N$2999
Samsung Galaxy J4+ N$3899
Samsung Galaxy J6 N$4399
Samsung Galaxy J6+ N$4399
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N$10599
Samsung Galaxy S9 N$14999
Samsung Galaxy S9+ N$17299
Samsung Grand Prime Pro N$2199
Samsung Grand Prime+ N$1799
Samsung J4 Core N$2399
Samsung J720 N$3699
Samsung S10 G973F N$17599
Samsung S10+ G975 N$19599
Samsung S10e G970 N$13599
Samsung T116 TAB LITE N$2199
Samsung T595 Tab 32GB N$8599