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Vending Machine


What is this?

The MTC Vending machine is a new, technology driven device installed in MobileHomes countrywide for the convenience of our customers. The device is touch screen and extremely user friendly.

The vending machine is beneficial to customers as it:

  • Allows customers to serve themselves
  • Reduce time spend in the MobileHome
  • Reduce long queues

Contract customers can pay their invoices and do pre-payments on their contracts. Please remember to have your account number ready before commencing with your transactions. Please note that the machine does not give change. On this note customers are advised to have the exact amount of money before any transaction is made.

Services Available

  • Contract / invoice payments
  • Contract pre-payments
  • Virtual Tango recharge vouchers
  • Direct recharge to another prepaid (tango) number.

Client and Supervisor Feedback

The machines are still new, but once customers start to use it they will return and service usage will pick up

- Vistolina Nakwafila (Wernhil MobileHome Supervisor)

The vending machine service was good and quick. I am very happy and will definitely use it again

- Aurial Angermund

It’s new to me, the first time I used it. It’s nice, I will use it again.

- Tangeni