Data Bundles

Tango | Pre-paid - Data Bundles

Tango | Pre-paid - Data Bundles

MTC offer customers the option to purchase Data Bundles for their phone or NetMan device. Bundles make internet usage more affordable and you get more MB for your money.

How does it work?

  1. Dial *682# from the dialing screen.
  2. You will receive the following menu:
    1. 1: Data Bundles
    2. 2: International Voice Bundles
    3. 3: Data Services
    4. 4: Balance Enquiry
  3. Reply with 1 for Data Bundles
  4. You will receive the following menu:
    Balance N$XX.XX
    1. 1 N$15.00 for 30MB (excl. VAT)
    2. 2 N$23.00 for 50MB (excl. VAT)
    3. 3 N$35.00 for 100MB (excl. VAT)
    4. 4 N$99.00 for 300MB (excl. VAT)
    5. 5 N$139.00 for 500MB (excl. VAT)
    6. 6 N$239.00 for 1GB (excl. VAT)
    7. 7 N$399.00 for 2GB (excl. VAT)
    8. 8 N$849.00 for 5GB (excl. VAT)
  5. Reply: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 to buy NetMan Bundle
  6. You will receive a reply message:
    "Are you sure you want to purchase a XXMB NetMan Data Bundle for N$XX.XX"
    1. 1 for YES
    2. 0 for NO
  7. Reply 1 to purchase or 0 to cancel the purchase.
    1. If you select 0 to cancel the purchase, you will receive a message:
      "Transaction cancelled. Goodbye."
    2. If you select 1 for YES the system will process the instruction.
    3. If you have sufficient credit you will receive the following message:
      "You have successfully purchased XXMB NetMan Data bundle for N$XX excl. VAT"
    4. If the available credit is not sufficient, you will receive the following message:
      "Insufficient funds, please choose a lower domination. Your current balance is: N$XX*"

NOTE: Data Bundles are not applicable when roaming.

How much it costs:

Using this service via USSD (*682#) will cost you 5c per transaction.

See Tango | Pre-paid Data Bundle tariffs here

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