Multiple Aweh

Multiple Aweh

Customers can now subscribe to 3 Awehs at the same time. Start with any Aweh package* of your choice and add on Aweh Prime or Aweh Super.

*Aweh O-Yeah not included.

Customers with any active Aweh Subscription may additionally subscribe to  Aweh Prime or Aweh Super.

Customers need to select the qualifying products in order to receive the benefits by following steps:

Aweh Super: SMS #SuperAweh# to 13400 or dial 13400 and select Aweh Super; Aweh Prime: SMS #Aweh# to 13400 or dial 13400 and select Aweh Prime.

Each Aweh subscription will have a 7 day validity and shall expire on day 7, except for Aweh Oka which will expire on day 3 .

Customer may not have more than three Aweh subscriptions at a time.

Free units as set out on the qualifying product will only be FREE for local usage; and not when the customer is roaming internationally.

The applicable tariff plan rates for any other local data, voice or SMS usage shall apply, once free units are depleted.

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