Taamba Advance

  • Active Prepaid Customers who meet the criteria can pre-select an amount of airtime, even when their balance is zero, then pay back the next time they recharge.
  • Taamba Advance is available to active MTC Pre-paid customers based on the following criteria:

1.The period a customer has been on the MTC network

2. Frequency of recharges

3. Average revenue per user

4. Status on network and status history

  • Customers can access the service by following the steps: Dial: *682#, Select Option 3:Taamba, Select Option 2: Advance, and follow the instructions.
  • The Advanced Airtime may be used for International and National Voice Calls, SMS and MMS / Data usage, or to purchase  Bundles.
  • Customers are permitted to transfer the Advanced airtime as per the current Airtime Transfer Business Rules.
  • On approval of a request for Taamba Advance customers will be presented with the airtime denominations that they qualify for.
  • The total amount payable by the customer will be the service fee together with the amount of airtime that has been advanced to the customer.
  • The customer will be liable to pay the total amount.
  • This amount will be paid with the airtime attained when a customer recharges his/her account.
  • A service fee of NAD 1.00 will be charged for the provision of Taamba Advance valued at NAD 10.00 and below.
  • For Taamba Advances valued above NAD 10 there will be a 10% service fee. 
  • The table below highlights the service fee for each request and actual airtime credited on a customers account:
Requested Amount NADService Fee (NAD)

Prices exclude VAT.

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