MTC Summer Million

Play and Win with MTC Summer Millions.

Send one of the activation keywords yes, win or play to the short code 103.
Select the activation option for the competition on the *101# USSD option.
Complete the activation instructions on the portal.
All text messages send to 103 are free of charge.
Subscription to the VIP trivia game is charged at NAD 1.00 per day.
Customer stands a chance to win one of the following prices:
A. 100 000 prices of NAD 5.00 MTC airtime, over a course of 100 days. ( 1000 prices awarded each day for 100 days totaling at 100 000 prizes).
B. 100 cash prices to the value of NAD 10 000.00 over the course of 100 days.
C. 5 Cash prizes to the value of NAD 100 000.00.