MTC Annual Report 2012

Welcome to the MTC Annual Report 2012

Vision and Mission

We strive to be
the best telecommunications
provider in Africa.

To provide customers with telecommunication services that speaks of quality and affordability. We fulfill and stimulate communication needs through continuous, innovative thinking and excellent service to our customers wherever they are.

Executive Committee

Jose Neto

Chief Technical Officer

Thinus Smit

Chief Financial Officer

Festus Mbandeka

Corporate Legal Advisor

Miguel Geraldes

Managing Director

Tim Ekandjo

Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer


Nuno Prego

Directo (alternate)

Moreira Da Cruz


Miguel Geraldes

Dr. Itha
U Kandjii-Murangi

Dr. Dirk Conradie

Leezhel Van Wyk

Asser Ntinda

Acting Chairlady's Commentary


Almost half the population of the earth now uses mobile communications. According to the GSM Association (GSMA), a billion mobile subscribers were added in the last four years to make a total of 3.2 billion from the more than seven billion inhabitants in the world. What is incredible is the fact that the more than 6.8 billion connections represent an average of more than two active connections per subscriber.

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Managing Director's Overview


If our expectations for the year under review were conservative, it was due to the maturity on voice business: although, due to the significant acceleration of data services, we are very honoured to present a strong financial year showing a growth of two digits after the last two years which did not grow more than 3%.

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