Annual Report 2016


Miguel Geraldes

Managing Director

Elvis Nashilongo


Lorna Mbwale


Steve Galloway


Tulimeke Munyika



Miguel Geraldes

Managing Director

Thinus Smit

Chief Finance Officer

Patience Kanalelo

Head: Corporate Legal Services and Company Secretary

Tim Ekandjo

Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer, Human Resources

Alvin Korkie

Chief Commercial Officer

Carlos Malab

Chief Technology Officer

Elvis Nashilongo


Miguel Geraldes

Managing Director

Chairman Commentary - Download this pdf -

MTC revisited its vision and mission statements in 2016 with a view of aligning them to our current realities. The old vision and mission statement has served us well for the past 22 years, but due to ever changing circumstances in such a fast paced technological environment, we needed to revisit our long term vision to remain a competitive, and cutting edge telecommunications company that our customers can be proud of.

Our new vision statement reads that MTC wants to be the communication partner of choice. We do not just want to be a telecommunications company, but indeed a partner. We will work tirelessly to become our customers’ undoubted choice for all their communication needs.

Our mission is to improve the lives of our customers through a quality network, infrastructure and highly skilled human capital. Of paramount importance is that we intend to improve lives through technology, and importantly, doing so with a proud and skilled workforce that is ever ready to serve our customers with pride.

Our strategies going forward will therefore make our customers the focal point, because our very existence is centered on our customers. MTC will only implement a product or service when we are entirely certain that it will improve the lives of our customers.

My fellow Directors and I are very proud to be associated to such a dynamic team of young, experienced and innovative Namibians driving and advancing the objectives of MTC every day. We recognise the strength and commitment of our employees, and the role they play in the success of MTC.

We are aware that most people in rural areas are still part of the digital divide, and we have re-doubled our efforts to include them by having recently launched the oSmartPhona campaign, an ongoing project where we rolled out highly subsidised smartphones to give rural Namibians access to the digital world. This project amounted to N$1 billion and we are proud of this investment as it is an investment in our people.

As a proudly Namibian company, we remain committed to thinking global but acting local, by providing only the best and latest technologies to all our customers.

It remains our inherent responsibility to reinvest in the communities we do business with, and remain the best socially responsible corporate with the various social and community projects we support. We are proud of the contributions we have made so far and will continue to make. We will not shy away from continuing to invest in areas such as sport, arts and culture, ICT, for health, development education and supporting the various trade fairs.

We take full cognisance of the economic situation our country currently finds itself in, and we will make it our responsibility to continue providing quality and affordable products and services.

We enter the year 2017 full of confidence, renewed strength, and wish to thank all our customers for their continued and unconditional support for the past 22 years. We will never take your support for granted as we make the connection to you as our partner of choice.

Managing Director’s Overview - Download this pdf -

Despite an extremely challenging year in the Namibian economy, MTC has continued to outperform its target by achieving an increase of 3.2% in revenue, compared to the 2% increase in 2015, surpassing the N$2.2 billion in revenue of 2015. This positive financial performance is attributed to a well - executed strategy that focused on data, new and innovative products and excellent cost management.

MTC has committed N$1 billion towards rolling out connectivity in rural Namibia. To ensure that people in rural areas are able to connect, we provided highly subsidised smartphones making them available at N$399 per handset. The oSmartPhona roadshow is continuous and we will be rolling out over 15,000 smartphones countrywide. We have already seen a positive uptake of data in the areas where we already rolled out these phones which demonstrates that people in rural areas will make use of opportunities if included in the digital age.

Data remains our key focus, and we increased our total number of customers using data from 45% in 2015 to 62% in 2016 which represents a 17% increase. The increase is attributed to realisation of our aggressive strategy by investing in network infrastructure which is on par with the most developed countries. Encompassing an investment into the submarine cable WACS, a national fiber backbone transmission countrywide with redundancy through SA, and a very wide 3G and 4G network covering all main cities of Namibia. Furthermore introducing innovative data products in the market as part of our offer.

MTC reached another important milestone by becoming the first operator in Africa to trial the new 4.5G technology. The event officiated by His Excellency, The President Dr. Hage Geingob was successful, showing tremendous speeds of 1 Gigabit per second.

We have seen a continued demand in the uptake of data, as MTC continues to offer affordable data with adequate capacity. We have thus seen an increase in our data traffic from 39% in 2015 to 43% in 2016.

We remain committed to becoming a partner of choice and providing only the best technologies that improve lives in line with our vision.

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