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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee Team is responsible for:

Executive Management (EXCO) is the body accountable for planning, organizing and overseeing departmental roles and responsibilities to achieve the company’s overall set goals and objectives. The Executive Management committee consists of departmental heads in Human Resource, Corporate affairs, Technology, Finance, Commercial, Legal and Internal Audit.

Dr. Licky Erastus

Managing Director

Thinus Smit

Financial Director

Patience Kanalelo

Head: Corporate Legal Services & Regulatory Affairs

Tim Ekandjo

Chief Human Capital, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Officer

Monica Nehemia

Chief Technical & Information Officer

Board members

Theo Mberirua


Toini Muteka

Deputy Chairperson

Dr. Licky Erastus

Executive Director

Thinus Smit

Executive Director

Werner Schuckmann


Tachiona Gawaxab


Ruusa Shipiki