Pre-paid tariffs

Prepaid tariffs

  • Customer must have a minimum of NAD 0.00 in order to use free SMS..
  • VAT on tango recharge vouchers was already made part of the Namibian VAT legislation with a special ruling passed by Inland Revenue dated 3 September 2007. MTC applied for a more suitable implementation date which was approved, and VAT on Tango vouchers to the public, was officially implemented 1 February 2008, not for drought relief or any other arbitrary reason, but because Inland Revenue ruled that a supply of Pre-Paid telecommunication Vouchers to the public, is standard rated, while telecommunication services to a residential account is zero-rated.
  • Prices subject to change.

  • Aweh packages
  • National tariffs
  • BlackBerry Services
  • Pre-paid Netman
  • Data Bundles with Validity

Aweh packages

Pre-paid | Aweh packages

MTC national destinations Free minutes Free SMS Free data Social media data Social media App Friends & Family Subscription fee
  Peak  Off peakOff-off peak  Once off  Once off  MB/GB  MB/GB      
 Aweh O-Yeah (7 days)*  0.495  0.495n/a  user defined  user defined  user defined  user defined  user defined  n/a  user defined
 Aweh super (7 days)*  0.495  0.495n/a  700  1500  3GB*  700MB  WhatsApp & Facebook  n/a  53.00
 Aweh prime (7 days)*  0.495  0.495n/a  350  700  200MB  200MB  WhatsApp  n/a  32.00
 Aweh Gig (7 days)*  0.495  0.495n/a  100  700  1GB  500MB  WhatsApp  n/a  32.00
 Aweh Go (7 days)*  0.495  0.495n/a  50  150  50MB  50MB  WhatsApp  n/a  13.00
 Aweh Oka (3 days)**  0.495  0.495n/a  20  50  20MB  20MB  WhatsApp  n/a  7.00
  • **Free Minutes, SMS and Data is allocated once-off. Valid for 3 days
  • *Free Minutes, SMS and Data is allocated once-off. Valid for 7 days
  • SMSs charged at NAD 0.40 per SMS to national numbers after free units are depleted
  • Data charge intervals: NAD 0.50 for every MB.

National tariffs

Pre-paid | National tariffs

MTC national destinations Free SMS Free minutes Free data Friends & Family Subscription fee
  Peak  Off peakOff-off peak  Per day  Per day  MB/GB    
 Charging interval 30 sec  30 sec30 sec  -  -  -  -  -
 Per second  0.025  0.025n/a  -  -  -  4  -
 T49 Standard rate  0.75  0.75n/a  100  -  -  4  -
 T49 during validity period  0.19  0.190.19  100  -  -  4  -
 ISP  0.75  0.75n/a  -  -  -  4  -
 Netman home Pre-paid  0.495  0.245n/a  0.40  0  1GB (once off)  4  1899.00 (once off)

Tango national tariffs - All packages
SMS  0.40
MMS  0.60
Data  0.90
Charging interval for Tango Per Second is 1 second
Tango National Data Tariffs
Data charge intervals: N$0.90 for every MB continuously until credit is depleted.
T49 data charge intervals: N$0.90 for every MB continuously until credit is depleted.

BlackBerry Services

Pre-paid | BlackBerry Services

BlackBerry® Absolute Plan BlackBerry® Complete Plan
Activation Fee (30 days) N$ 106.00 N$ 63.00
Activation Fee (7 days)  N$ 42.00 N$ 21.00
BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) yes yes
BlackBerry® E-mail (BBMail™) yes yes
On-device Browser yes yes
BlackBerry® AppWorld™ yes yes
Social Networking yes yes
Instant Messaging yes yes
Web-based e-mail Account 10 e-mail Address 1 e-mail address
BlackBerry® Protect yes no
BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express yes no

Pre-paid Netman

Pre-paid | Pre-paid Netman

Packages Price (N$) Free MB included Device include Contract period Tariff per MB
NetMan Time 4G  1229.00 - 4GB USB Device - -
NetMan Home Pre-Paid 1899.00 1000(once-off) Wireless router & Siemens Cordless Handset No Period 0.90

Data Bundles with Validity

Pre-paid | Data Bundles with Validity

Price (NAD)Bundle (MB)
  • Dial *682# or send an SMS to 14700 to purchase Data Bundles with Validity.
  • Data Bundles valid for 60 days.
  • Multiple bundles allowed.
Data bundles with 120 day validity.

MTC offer customers the option to purchase Data Bundles with Validity for their phone or NetMan device. Bundles make internet usage more affordable and you get more MB for your money.

Price (NAD)BundleHow to purchase
15.0060MBSMS #N$15-60mb# to 12515
23.00100MBSMS #N$23-100mb# to 12516
35.00200MBSMS #N$35-200mb# to 12517
  • Data Bundles valid for 120 days.
  • Multiple bundles allowed.
  • Not applicable to NetMan Time 4G and Post Paid customers.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.