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No lengthy forms, just the essentials. Your information is secure and used only for a swift, hassle-free setup.


Please enter a valid mobile number
NB: For Namibian nationals, you can only use your Namibian National ID.

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Liveness Detection

Secure your digital identity with our straightforward liveness detection process. A live selfie is all it takes to verify your presence and protect your account


Liveness Detection
Position your face within the frame

Prepare for Liveness Detection

A Snapshot to Secure Your Identity:

Gentle Turns: Slowly rotate your face from one side to the other, allowing a comprehensive view.

Well-Lit Area: Choose a location with good lighting to enhance the clarity of your image.

Simple Backdrop: Stand against a plain background to keep the focus on you.

Hold Steady: Keep your camera stable to ensure the photo is sharp and clear.

Visible and Centered: Make sure your face is fully in the frame and the focal point of the picture.

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Personal Details

Begin with the basics: your personal information is the key to unlocking a tailored MTC experience. Fast, simple, and always secure.


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Proof of Identity

Snap a clear picture of your ID or passport, This straightforward verification cements your identity, setting the foundation for a secure and trusted experience.


Capturing Your ID with Clarity and Precision

A Snapshot to Secure Your Identity:

Photograph the Original: Use your real ID or passport for the photo.

Optimal Lighting Conditions: A brightly lit area will help highlight all the details of your document.

Uncluttered Surface for Clarity: A clean, plain background ensures your document stands out in the photo.

No Blurs, Just Clarity: Hold your camera steady to capture a sharp, clear image.

Full Document Visibility: Position the document so that it's entirely visiblewithin the camera frame, leaving no details out.

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