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Boost Bundle

Boost Bundle

Only customers on the below plans will be able to purchase this bundle:

  • Mobiz Shared SIM; Mobiz Sky I; Mobiz Sky II; Mobiz Sky III; Mobiz Sky IV; Mobiz Sky V; Mobiz Sky VI;Mobiz Sky VII.
  • MTC 1on1; MTC 1on1 3G.
  • Select Shared SIM; Select Go; Select Up; Select Super; Select Pro; Select Premium.
  • Smartshare Shared SIM; SmartShare Maxi; SmartShare Mega; SmartShare Mini; SmartShare Multi.
  • Infinite Plans
  • Supreme Plans
  • Terms and Conditions apply
  • FAQ's

Customers can purchase the Boost Bundle via the following channels:

  • *682#, select Bundles and then Boost Bundle to purchase from your airtime.
  • Via the MTC Website payment page to purchase via your bank card.
  • Via your MyMTC App where you have the choice to purchase from your airtime or via your bank card.

30 Days after which unused units expires.

 Boost Bundle
Price (NAD)85.00
Data (GB)
Social Media (GB)
Streaming (GB)