Call forwarding

Call forwarding

Call Forwarding (or call divert) allows you to divert incoming calls to an alternative number of your choice - cellular or fixed, national or international. Generally customers divert calls to their VoiceMail message service, but you have the option to divert your calls to any other number.

Forwarding codes

All your calls
When you don’t answer your phone
When you’re not reachable
When you’re busy on your phone

Activating Call Forwarding

  • Dial **Forwarding Code*The Number#  Example: **21*081XXXXXXX# would divert all calls to 081XXXXXXX.
  • ("Forwarding Code" can be found in the table above).

Cancelling Call Forwarding

  • Dial ##Forwarding Code# Example: Dial ##21# would remove the divert for all calls (21)

Call Forwarding while roaming

Calls retrieved from your VoiceMail or any other number while you are roaming are charged at the international rate applicable to the country you are visiting.

Calls forwarded to alternative numbers will no longer be diverted to to your VoiceMail.

If you cancel your Call Forwarding and want to divert to VoiceMail, you will have to reset the diversions to VoiceMail.

Call Forwarding charges are detailed in the MTC’s tariff sheet.